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Digital Marketing Introduction

We Generate Quality Leads Which Turns Into Sales Using A Targeted Approach!
We take time to understand what exactly our client goals are before we start with our digital marketing strategy.

Our specialty is to generate leads for clients whose goal is to increase sales of their products or services.

We use Google, YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest to advertise our client’s products or services on.

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Digital Marketing Process

Before we start, we always set up a meeting with the client (the decision maker) to firstly see if we are a good fit for our client’s business and to make sure that we will be able to meet all the goals our client is aiming for.

A kick-off meeting to discuss avatars and the different campaigns will be set up once both Website iNK and you, the client are happy to proceed with the Digital Marketing process ahead.

We focus on the different types of campaigns namely:
Likes Campaign, Engagement Campaign, Lead Generation Campaign, Conversions Campaign, and ultimately a Re-Marketing Campaign.

The main focus is to target the right customer so that we don’t waste any budget. We do this by setting up a customer avatar that we target. Once we have enough data we set up a look-a-like audience which increases the chances of conversions and ultimately increases sales!

Digital Marketing Timelines

Most campaigns require 3rd party integrations. This includes the setup of sending emails to your mailbox, capturing each lead into a database for re-marketing, integrating autoresponders & email sequences, design of lead funnels, and more.

Estimated times to set up a different types of campaigns:

Likes Campaign: 1 Day
Engagement Campaign: 2 Days
Lead Generation Campaign: 2 Days
Conversions Campaign: 4 – 5 Days 
Re-Marketing Campaign: Normally we set it up the following month.

*Please note that the above are only estimates and can be done sooner or it might take a bit longer depending on the campaign.

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