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Unlock Sales Growth with Precision-Targeted Leads!

At Website Ink, we start with your goals to exceed expectations with our digital marketing strategy. Our lead generation expertise ensures quality leads for your sales or service boost. 

We leverage Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to amplify your reach. 

Choose Website Ink for a targeted, results-driven digital marketing journey.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Process

Our process begins with an essential meeting between Website Ink and you, the decision-maker. This initial step helps us ensure a perfect alignment with your business goals and assess if we can fully meet your objectives.

Once we’ve mutually agreed that Website Ink is the right fit for you, we’ll schedule a kick-off meeting. This session is dedicated to discussing your customer avatars and planning the various digital marketing campaigns we’ll embark on together.

Our campaigns span several strategies, including: Likes CampaignsEngagement CampaignsLead Generation CampaignsConversions CampaignsRe-Marketing Campaigns.

Our primary aim is to efficiently target the ideal customer to optimize your budget effectively. We achieve this by crafting a detailed customer avatar for precise targeting. As we gather more data, we refine our strategy to create look-alike audiences, significantly boosting your conversion rates and sales.

Digital Marketing Timelines

Our campaigns often involve integrating third-party services, enhancing the effectiveness of each strategy. These integrations facilitate various functions, such as directing email notifications to your inbox, populating a database with leads for future marketing efforts, automating responses and email sequences, and crafting targeted lead funnels among other enhancements.

Estimated Setup Durations for Campaign Types:

Likes Campaign: 1 day
Engagement Campaign: 2 days
Lead Generation Campaign: 2 days
Conversions Campaign: 4–5 days
Re-Marketing Campaign: Typically initiated in the following month.

Please Note: These timelines are approximations. Actual setup times may vary, potentially being completed more quickly or requiring additional time based on specific campaign needs and complexities.

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